Commitment to Environment and Community

Valley  Collision Inc. proudly commits to protecting our environment and Supporting the  Community.

recycleLogo-01Here at Valley Collision we advocate for a cleaner and healthier environment.  It is our goal to help maintain and sustain our Earth.  We take several different approaches which include Recycling Parts, Cardboard,  toner cartridges and any other recyclable plastics. All Paint and other materials are disposed of in a controlled safe manner and state of the art filtration systems are used to make sure air quality is not polluted.

Valley Collision cares about our Valley and continually supports our High Schools, Local Boy Scouts; Mt. Sopris Recreational Riders with fundraisers and joining them on their annual trial clean up that helps maintain the S-P trail for summer and winter use, and one of our favorites is helping local animal shelters which include fostering many dogs throughout the years.


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